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En Passant Guide

In chess, en passant is a special pawn capture that takes place when a pawn moves to a square directly beside an enemy pawn that has just advanced two squares, capturing it as if it had moved only one square (see visual explanation below). We understand if this is confusing to you. Let us explain!

en passant

Chess Strategy Ideas You Need to Know

Chess strategy is the art of evaluating, planning, and executing precise moves to obtain long-lasting advantages on the board. an advantage in the position. Usually, chess strategy really starts after the opening phase of the game comes to an end and the middlegame starts. In order to excel at chess strategy, there are several key… Read: Chess Strategy Ideas You Need to Know

chess strategy guide

Best Chess Openings for Beginners

Did you start playing chess just a little while ago? Are you looking for good chess openings for beginners like you that are easy-to-learn and not too complicated to play? We’ve got you covered! In this article you will find 3 great chess openings to play with White, and 3 great openings to play with Black. Ready? Because the ride is about to start.

chess openings for beginners

How Do You Get Better at Chess (10 Practical Tips)

If you love playing chess just like we do, you will agree with us that chess isn’t just a game; it’s a lifestyle.  The ultimate showdown of intellect, planning, and strategy.  You’re not just pushing pawns; you’re orchestrating a symphony of moves, each one building upon the last.  From the thrill of executing a well-planned… Read: How Do You Get Better at Chess (10 Practical Tips)

get better at chess

How to Play Chess: A Beginner’s Guide to Mastery

Learn how to play chess with this full guide. How chess pieces move, how to deliver checkmate, and more!

learn how to play chess