Name: Sergey Loskutov
Federation:  Russian Federation
Sex:  Male
Born: 1966
 FIDE ID: 4144384 FIDE Profile
ELO Classic: 2186
Years: 2004 - 2004
Total Games: 13
Wins: 6 (46.15 %)
Draws: 1 (7.69 %)
Losses: 6 (46.15 %)
Score: 50 %

Sergey Loskutov

Last tournaments played

Tournament Date Elo Avg. Country
Canarias en Red prel 5th 05/07/2004 785  Germany

Sergey Loskutov Repertoire with White pieces (most played)

ECO Opening Games
D55 Queen's Gambit Declined, 6.Nf3 2 games
D34 Queen's Gambit Declined, Tarrasch, Prague variation, 7...Be7 1 games
D14 Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, exchange variation, 6.Bf4 Bf5 1 games
D21 Queen's Gambit Accepted, 3.Nf3 1 games

Sergey Loskutov Repertoire with Black pieces (most played)

ECO Opening Games
C55 Two knights defence 1 games
C69 Ruy Lopez, exchange variation, 5.O-O 1 games
C24 Bishop's opening, Berlin defence 1 games
C84 Ruy Lopez, closed defence 1 games

Games played by Sergey Loskutov

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