Win with Nimzo Indian Defense GM Ratkovic

Topics: Nimzo-Indian Instructor: GM Miloje Ratkovic Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Let GM Miloje Ratkovic teach you the ins and outs of this opening... with his battle-tested "secrets" mixed in between... to help you become a Nimzo-Indian superstar.


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Video Lessons

Video Lessons

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29 Lessons
10 Hours of video
298 Variations to learn

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1. Classical Variation 1
  • Chapter 2. Classical Variation 2
  • Chapter 3. Classical Variation 3
  • Chapter 4. Classical Variation 4
  • Chapter 5. Classical Variation 5
  • Chapter 6. Classical Variation 6
  • Chapter 7. Classical Variation 7
  • Chapter 8. Kmoch Variation 1
  • Chapter 9. Kmoch Variation 2
  • Chapter 10. Leningrad Variation 1
  • Chapter 11. Leningrad Variation 2
  • Chapter 12. Leningrad Variation 3
  • Chapter 13. Rubinstein System 5.Bd3, 6.Ne2 1
  • Chapter 14. Rubinstein System 5.Bd3, 6.Ne2 2
  • Chapter 15. Rubinstein System 5.Bd3, 6.Ne2 3
  • Chapter 16. Rubinstein System Huebner Variation 1
  • Chapter 17. Rubinstein System Huebner Variation 2
  • Chapter 18. Rubinstein System Rubinstein Variation 1
  • Chapter 19. Rubinstein System Rubinstein Variation 2
  • Chapter 20. Rubinstein System Rubinstein Variation 3
  • Chapter 21. Saemisch Variation 1
  • Chapter 22. Saemisch Variation 2
  • Chapter 23. Saemisch Variation 3
  • Chapter 24. Spielmann Variation
  • Chapter 25. Three Knights Romanishin Variation 1
  • Chapter 26. Three Knights Romanishin Variation 2
  • Chapter 27. Three Knights Romanishin Variation 3
  • Chapter 28. Three Knights Romanishin Variation 4
  • Chapter 29. Variation 4. Bd2

Learn the Nimzo Indian with GM Miloje Ratkovic

Most chess players hate to play against ONE opening.

For 1.d4 players, it is often the super-dynamic and flexible Nimzo Indian.

Probably that’s why it’s been played by almost EVERY world champ over the past hundred years.

Is it also for beginners? Absolutely! It teaches you the positional aspects of chess (Nimzowitsch would agree!)… and also offers a fantastic range of tactical chances too.

If you want to harass a 1.d4 player with sharp, technical play, understand the pawn structure concept a little better, and have LOADS of room to wiggle around, this is the opening for you.

Let GM Miloje Ratkovic teach you the ins and outs of this opening… with his battle-tested “secrets” mixed in between… to help you become a Nimzo-Indian superstar.

About the Author:

GM Miloje Ratkovic

is a Serbian Grandmaster with a FIDE Rating of 2499. He obtained the GM title in 2021. He has conquered many National and International events. He is a professional player, chess coach, and streamer. GM Ratkovic is also a huge fan of online blitz with an Elo over 2785.

Here’s what you are going to learn:

  • Breaking through in Kmoch. White can break through with the f-pawn… while locking down Black on the queenside. What does Black do? Let Ratkovic show you.
  • Spielmann’s fast tempo. In this variation, White can slip right through your fingers and end up with a plus position. Learn how to implement a pawn sacrifice to keep the odds on your side.
  • Knight vs bishop. The essence of Nimzo Indian is playing against double bishops of White… which can be a little tougher than expected in the Saemish. Covered in three videos.
  • c3-battle in the Three Knights. It’s not just exchanging a bishop for a knight. It’s an extremely intricate battle with lots of attackers and defenders. What does Black do now?
  • 4.Bd2 dismantled. This move lets White protect his pawn structure, the very thing Black is after. How to dismantle it? What should be the sequence? Learn more.

It’s time to become a fearsome opponent for any 1.d4 player.

What’s Included:

Win with Nimzo-Indian Defense – video course [10 hours 7 mins]

Let GM Miloje Ratkovic teach you the ins and outs of this opening, with his battle-tested “secrets” mixed in, to help you become a Nimzo-Indian superstar.