Scotch Opening with FM Yuriy Krykun

Topics: Scotch Game Instructor: FM Yuriy Krykun Level: Intermediate, Advanced
In this course, Fide Master with 2 International Master norms Yuriy Krukun, reveals his opening repertoire against 1.e4 e5.


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Video Lessons

Video Lessons

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9 Lessons
3.5 Hours of video
96 Variations to learn
15 Games in database

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1. 4..Nf6 - 6.Nd2/Bd3 Variation
  • Chapter 2. 4..Nf6 8.h4! Variation
  • Chapter 3. 4..Bc5 Variation
  • Chapter 4. 4..Bc5 Variation Part 2
  • Chapter 5. 4..Bb4+ Variation
  • Chapter 6. Sidelines
  • Chapter 7. 4...Qh4 Variation
  • Chapter 8. 4...g6 Variation
  • Chapter 9. Dealing with the Petroff

Yuriy Krukun reveals his opening repertoire against 1.e4 e5.

Tired of long theoretical games in Ruy Lopez, French, or the Sicilian?

Most “classical” openings require weeks worth of preparation, memorization, and understanding.

There is a better way. Take your opponent off the main road into a different territory with the Scotch Game!

Scotch is a dynamic, attacking, flexible opening that leads to active and solid positions every-single-time.

And the best thing?

You can learn the entire system in under 4-hours with FM Yuriy Krykun revealing his entire preparation on Scotch!

Why Play the Scotch?

  • Instant Edge – Scotch is a dynamic opening with many hidden surprises. The good thing is… you’ll have a detailed road map. If your opponent doesn’t… he might go home early with a quick loss.
  • Powerful Attacks – Scotch gives white a tremendous attacking potential if they know what they are doing.
  • Low Theory Opening – Scotch is one of those shortcut-openings that you could master in just a few hours and start winning your games. It gives you full initiative, leads to open positions, and even extracts your opponent’s King for you to checkmate!

Ready to include a powerful attacking weapon in your repertoire?

What you will learn:

  • Why you should be playing Scotch?
  • Key pawn structure every Scotch should know
  • Should you play the mainline? [hint: yes, and why it is so important]
  • Main challenges for White and how to play through it
  • Must know side-lines [a.k.a Secret Weapons]

FM Yuriy Krykun (2382 ELO)

Is a Ukrainian FIDE master and member of the National Team with ELO of 2372 and IM norm. He played in many National and International tournaments, winning over 10 medals. Bronze medal winner in European U18 Championship. Full-time chess player, coach, and author of multiple publications.