Queen’s Gambit Declined: Janowski Variation with GM Miloje Ratkovic

Topics: Queen's Gambit Instructor: GM Miloje Ratkovic Level: Intermediate, Advanced
GM Ratkovic took time off his busy tournament schedule to create the 'ultimate shortcut' based on Queen's Gambit Declined: Janowski Variation. In just 5 hours you'll learn everything there is to know about Janowski Variation to outclass 90% of your opponents.


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14 Lessons
5 Hours of video
135 Variations to learn
51 Games in database

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1. Exchange Variation I
  • Chapter 2. Exchange Variation II
  • Chapter 3. Exchange Variation III
  • Chapter 4. Nf3-Nc3 Variation I
  • Chapter 5. Nf3-Nc3 Variation II
  • Chapter 6. Nf3-Nc3 Variation III
  • Chapter 7. Nf3-Nc3 Variation IV
  • Chapter 8. Catalan Opening I
  • Chapter 9. Catalan Opening II
  • Chapter 10. 4. Bg5 Variation I
  • Chapter 11. 4. Bg5 Variation II
  • Chapter 12. 4. c5 (3. Nc3) Variation
  • Chapter 13. 4. c5 (3. Nf3) Variation
  • Chapter 14. Unusual Lines

Learn the Janowski Variation with GM Miloje Ratkovic

There are two methods when it comes to opening preparation.

The first way is memorizing as many opening lines as possible, to make sure you ‘out-prepare’ your opponent.

It is tedious and time-consuming (not suitable for most club players).

The second way is how GM Miloje Ratkovic steadily grew his Elo from 2000 to 2499 FIDE.

It’s not the number of lines you memorize that matters, but the quality of your preparation.

The Janowski Variation is the simplest way to meet the Queen’s Gambit for Black.

1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 a6

The idea is simple. Black captures on c4, keeps the pawn with b5, and develops the ‘bad bishop’ to b7.

This is the opening that allowed Miloje to conquer the road to the GM title, and he wants to help you out in your journey.

That’s why GM Ratkovic took time off his busy tournament schedule to create the ‘ultimate shortcut’ based on QGD: Janowski Variation.

In just 5 hours you’ll learn everything there is to know about the Janowski Variation to outclass 90% of your opponents.

About the Author:

GM Miloje Ratkovic

is a Serbian Grandmaster with a FIDE Rating of 2499. He obtained the GM title in 2021. He has conquered many National and International events. He is a professional player, chess coach, and streamer. GM Ratkovic is also a huge fan of online blitz with an Elo over 2785.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Exchange Variation Antidote – GM Miloje Ratkovic shows how to develop a “bad” light-squared bishop to f5 turning it into a perfectly good piece! The best part is that White cannot stop this plan! (Chapter 1)
  • QGD & QGA Formula – GM Ratkovic reveals his secret approach for transposing into most favorable lines in both ‘Declined’ and ‘Accepted’ Queen’s Gambit. It’s based on understanding and requires zero memorization! (Chapter 4-6)
  • Taking Down Catalan – GM Ratkovic discovered a very strong line in Janowski Variation against all-popular Catalan setups. The idea is simple. Black did not waste time developing Nf6 and Be7 and is in a position to immediately capture on c4 with a great play to follow. (Chapter 8)
  • Counter the Aggressive 4.Bg5 – This is perhaps the best attempt by White to test the Janowski. GM Ratkovic analyzed hundreds of games in the database and handpicked the best lines with plenty of hot waters for White. (Chapters 10)
  • Cracking Unusual Lines – GM Ratkovic reveals all the typical plans, patterns, and maneuvers that will be sufficient to prepare against 90% of off-beat lines arising in Janowski Variation. (Chapter 14)

If you want to simplify your opening preparation for Black and follow the tested-and-proven formula of success, GM Ratkovic’s new course is for you.