Learn from Bobby Fischer with GM Misa Pap

Topics: Chess Courses Instructor: GM Misa Pap Level: Intermediate, Advanced
GM Misa Pap created incredible 10-hour training based on Fischer's BIG 6 Super-Skills: Preparation, Attacking Play, Deep Strategy, Endgame Play, Mental Power, and Resilience. Take this course, study the games, follow the GM Pap's advice and it will take your chess ability to an entirely new dimension.


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Video Lessons

Video Lessons

This Course contains video lessons to guide you through its content.
Chess Games

Games Database

This course includes a database of chess games played by masters to see the theory "in action".

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34 Lessons
10 Hours of video
37 Games in database

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1 Sozin I
  • Chapter 2 Sozin II
  • Chapter 3 Sozin III
  • Chapter 4 Sozin IV
  • Chapter 5 Spanish I
  • Chapter 6 Spanish II
  • Chapter 7 Spanish III
  • Chapter 8 Spanish IV
  • Chapter 9 Dragon I
  • Chapter 10 Dragon II
  • Chapter 11 Dragon III
  • Chapter 12 Naidorf I
  • Chapter 13 Naidorf II
  • Chapter 14 Naidorf III
  • Chapter 15 Naidorf IV
  • Chapter 16 Kings Indian I
  • Chapter 17 Kings Indian II
  • Chapter 18 Kings Indian III
  • Chapter 19 Attack I
  • Chapter 20 Attack II
  • Chapter 21 Attack III
  • Chapter 22 Attack IV
  • Chapter 23 Deep strategy I
  • Chapter 24 Deep strategy II
  • Chapter 25 Deep strategy III
  • Chapter 26 Endgame I
  • Chapter 27 Endgame II
  • Chapter 28 Endgame III
  • Chapter 29 Mental power I
  • Chapter 30 Mental power II
  • Chapter 31 Mental power III
  • Chapter 32 Resilience I
  • Chapter 33 Resilience II
  • Chapter 34 Resilience III

He learned chess at 6.

Won the U.S Championship at 14.

Became a Grandmaster at 15.

Proceeded to become the first-ever American-born Chess Champion… rated 2785 FIDE in 1972 – way before chess databases and engines!

Of course, we are talking about one of the greatest players of all time, Bobby Fischer.

Many Grandmasters have compared Fischer’s play to a machine. Bobby was an attacking genius, an endgame wizard, and had no visible weaknesses.

If you want to supercharge your chess you must learn from the best.

GM Misa Pap has created an incredible 10-hour training based on Fischer’s 6 BIG Super-Skills: Preparation, Attacking Play, Deep Strategy, Endgame Play, Mental Power, and Resilience.

Master those and you will become an unstoppable winning machine.

About the Author

GM Misa Pap (FIDE 2521) is a self-made Serbian Grandmaster. He is a winner of 16 international tournaments with 2600+ performances, former youth Champion of Yugoslavia, and 3-times Champion of Vojvodina. GM Pap is a regular participant of the European Chess League and has over 15 years of coaching experience. He is also a regular contributor to Chess Informant.

Some of what you will learn:

  • The Preparation – Imagine having no video courses, chess databases, or engines. Opening preparation would take weeks of hard work. And that’s just to learn a single line. Fischer aced it, and GM Misa Pap has learned some of his secrets.
  • Deep Strategy – Fischer displayed an incredible level of positional understanding even when playing against the world’s best. Bobby outclassed them like he was in a totally different league. GM Pap has studied the deep strategy used by Fischer and will help you enhance your own positional skills.
  • Mental Power – To beat Alekhine you must win three times: in the opening, in the middlegame, and in the endgame. It was no different for Bobby! He demonstrated his maximum willpower to outplay his opponents, no matter what. It is a trait of a true champion, and a must-have if you are serious about the game!
  • Complete Resilience – Everyone will end up in a bad position at some point. Fischer never gave up and continued fighting ’til the very end. He had almost “unnatural” levels of energy allowing him to win many ‘lost’ games. GM Pap has spent years studying Fischer’s play and will help you unleash and refine this super-skill!
  • Fischer-fear” Attacking Play – Fischer was most famous for his relentless ability to attack. He was crushing his opponent’s minds by winning every single game in major tournaments. This phenomenon was called “Fischer-fear”. Other players would panic, make mistakes and lose the game. GM Pap will give you a few tips on how to develop this skill.
  • The Fischer Endgame – IM Silman named Fischer as one of the 5 best endgame players of all time. Fischer was truly unstoppable in bishop endings. GM Misa Pap closely examines how you can mimic Fischer’s endgame play and take your chess career to the next level.

GM Misa Pap has done an amazing job compiling all the essential knowledge into an easy-to-follow 10-hour course.

Take this course, study the games, follow the GM Pap’s advice and it will take your chess ability to an entirely new dimension.