The Stonewall Dutch – GM Ron Henley

Topics: Dutch Defense Instructor: GM Ron Henley Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Learn the most aggressive anti-d4 chess opening with GM Ron W. Henley's 7-hour Henley Files - The Stonewall Dutch.


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10 Lessons
7 Hours of video
14 Variations to learn
41 Lessons PGNs

Course Outline

  • Introduction & History
  • Chapter 1 – World Champions and the Dutch
  • Chapter 2 – Historical Games
  • Chapter 3 – Tension Release: The Early cxd5
  • Chapter 4 – Positional Drawbacks: Bad Bishops
  • Chapter 5 – White’s Strategy: Dark-Squared Bishop Exchange
  • Chapter 6 – White Plays 7.Bf4
  • Chapter 7 – White Plays 5.Nh3
  • Chapter 8 – White Plays e3 Systems with h3 or Nge2 & f3
  • Chapter 9 – White Plays e3 Systems, With Nf3 v Bd6
  • Chapter 10 – Student’s Games

Learn How to Beat 1.d4 with the Stonewall Dutch Defense

The Stonewall Dutch Defense is defined by Black’s c6-d5-e6-f5 pawn formation. We prevent White from playing e4, and secure that square for our knight – the perfect outpost for an attack on White’s king.

Because we’re aiming for a specific structure, we don’t have to worry about move order as much. This allows us to be flexible, taking advantage of inaccuracies by our opponents.

GM Henley explains how to play for the win by targeting weaknesses on White’s kingside and making sure we get all the strategic advantages: outpost for our knight, keeping the dark-squared bishops on the board, and a deadly rerouting of the light-squared bishop.

You will discover the most powerful chess opening of meeting White’s favored variations, and learn how to play this system like World Champions Botvinnik, Kramnik and Carlsen.

Whether you already play the Dutch Defense and want to enhance your repertoire, or you’re a club player searching for an aggressive way to take down those d4 players, Ron Henley’s Stonewall Dutch will give you the ammunition you need.

About the Author:

Ron Henley (born December 5, 1956, in Houston, Texas) is an American chess grandmaster, writer, narrator, and producer of chess videos.

Henley obtained the International Master title in 1980 and the Grandmaster title in 1982. He also appeared on the cover of Chess Life in 1982, representing the United States.

Aside from being a strong player in his own right, GM Henley acted as second, analyst and trainer for former World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov in many of his matches in the 1990s.

Ron Henley also trained 7-times US Women’s Champion, GM Irina Krush.

Win more games as Black by…

  • Bringing unbearable pressure. Bishop on d6, knight on e4, rook on the f-file… bring the queen into play and it’s too much for White to live with… even if they trade off some pieces. See how Botvinnik destroys his GM opponent with a flurry of surprising sacrifices in this classic attack.
  • Winning the strategic battles. GM Henley shows you how to win all the small battles that will ultimately win you the game. How to activate your light-squared bishop, force favorable trades, and keep your killer pieces on the board.
  • Learning from the masters. Ron reveals the attack strategies that have been tested and proven at the very highest level with brilliant explanations of classics played by 3 World Champions and Dutch Defense pioneers like Torre, Bondarevsky, and Bronstein.

Why play the Stonewall Dutch Defense?

When it comes to getting an early edge, you want a chess opening that meets these 3 requirements:

  • Strong structure with active pieces.
  • Lines of attack against your opponent.
  • An opening you understand better than they do.

The Stonewall Dutch ticks all these boxes. It’s criminally underused… but that’s to your advantage.

The Stonewall c6-d5-e6-f5 formation frustrates White’s plans, restricting their light-squared bishop, while allowing us to place a powerful bishop on d6 and get a killer outpost on e4.

It’s this setup that gives Black so many crushing kingside attacks in the Stonewall… and it’s this chess opening that’s going to give you many more wins as Black.

GM Ron Henley has turned his analytical microscope to the Stonewall Dutch Defense, breaking this system down into memorable maneuvers, piece placements, and attacks… and illustrating everything with hugely instructive games.

This 7-hour course is all you need to get started with and master this exciting opening.