The Alekhine Defense – GM Damian Lemos

Topics: Alekhine Defense Instructor: GM Damian Lemos Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
What most players will love about the Alekhine (1.e4 Nf6!) is that it avoids symmetry, creates imbalances, and set White tough problems right from the start.


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16 Lessons
6 Hours of video
60 Variations to learn
15 Games in database

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: Intro and Sidelines Part 1
  • Chapter 2: Sidelines, Part 2
  • Chapter 3: 3.d4 d6 4.c4 Nb6 5.exd6, Part 1
  • Chapter 4: 3.d4 d6 4.c4 Nb6 5.exd6, Part 2
  • Chapter 5: 3.d4 d6 4.c4 Nb6 5.exd6, Part 3
  • Chapter 6: Classical Line, Part 1
  • Chapter 7: Classical Line, Part 2
  • Chapter 8: Classical Line, Part 3
  • Chapter 9: Classical Line, Part 4
  • Chapter 10: Classical Line, Part 5
  • Chapter 11: The Four Pawns Attack, Part 1
  • Chapter 12: The Four Pawns Attack, Part 2
  • Chapter 13: The Four Pawns Attack, Part 3
  • Chapter 14: Model Games, Part 1
  • Chapter 15: Model Games, Part 2
  • Chapter 16: Model Games, Part 3

How to Play Alekhine’s Defense – GM Damian Lemos

What most players will love about the Alekhine (1.e4 Nf6!) is that it avoids symmetry, creates imbalances, and set White tough problems right from the start.

Introduced into competitive play by the 4th World Champion Alexander Alekhine 99 years ago, this hypermodern opening shocked Alekhine’s rivals.

About the Author:

Damian Lemos is a grandmaster from Argentina with a peak rating of 2559 Elo.

In his lessons, Damian works closely with students to first identify the flaws and weaknesses in their games so that they can be properly evaluated and corrected.

By developing specifically-tailored training regimens for every one of his students, Grandmaster Lemos is able to achieve results that other chess coaches dream of.

Is this course for me?

The Alekhine’s Defense is perfect for playing for a win against 1.e4 for two reasons:

  1. No boring, symmetrical, drawish positions. We accept a cramped position for a few moves, then lay siege to White’s overextended pawns.
  2. Your opponents don’t really know how to play against it… and the “logical” moves quickly backfire!

Here’s part of what this course is going to teach you:

The Alekhine Defense – White goes for sidelines…

How to deal with sidelines. What if White doesn’t push e4-e5? What if White plays 2.Nc3 and tries to force us into a Four Knights or Vienna Game? I show you how to keep control and get the positions we want.

Following the main idea of looking for non-symmetrical positions, Black continues with the interesting 2…d5 where we keep posting trouble after trouble for the White pieces.

So things won´t be easy for White even trying odd-looking moves!

Interesting, right?

The Alekhine Defense – White goes for the center…

This course prepares you for everything you’re likely to encounter. Take White’s Four Pawn Attack, for example. This is the most aggressive way for White to play for an advantage… but the killer gambit (and clever follow-up) we’ll employ will rip White’s position to shreds in just a few moves!

So expect to shock your rival with any move he tries, for sure, he won’t have an easy game against your Alekhine Defense, and that will surely play on your side.

Time to add this hypermodern weapon to your arsenal!

It’s over 6 hours long, covers all the theory, the must-know GM games, the tricks, traps, attacks, mainlines, and sidelines…

Enjoy this course!