Chess Tournaments

Here you can look for chess tournaments by name, date, country and average ELO of the participants.

Tournament name:
Name Date Elo Avg. Country Site
YUG-ch ??/??/1956   Skopje
Poltava ??/??/1956   Poltava
Paignton ??/??/1956  United Kingdom Paignton
POL-HUN ??/??/1956  Poland Warsaw
POL-CSR ??/??/1956  Poland Warsaw
POL B-HUN ??/??/1956  Poland Warsaw
POL B-CZE ??/??/1956  Poland Warsaw
OWL-ch ??/??/1956  Germany Rheda
New York m ??/??/1956  United States New York
New York Rosenwald 5556 ??/??/1956  United States New York
New York ??/??/1956  United States New York
NED-ch m ??/??/1956  Netherlands The Hague
Moscow-ch ??/??/1956   Moscow
Moscow ch m ??/??/1956   Moscow
Prague m ??/??/1956   Prague
Reykjavik m ??/??/1956  Iceland Reykjavik
Santa Fe ??/??/1956  Argentina Santa Fe
YUG-URS ??/??/1956   Belgrade
YUG-GER ??/??/1956   Bled
Winnipeg-Minneapolis m ??/??/1956  Canada Winnipeg
Washington ??/??/1956  United States Washington
USA-op ??/??/1956  United States USA
USA-ch amateurs ??/??/1956  United States USA
USA-ch Juniors ??/??/1956  United States USA
URS-ch23 playoff-1pl ??/??/1956   Leningrad
URS-ch sf+ ??/??/1956   Kharkov
URS-ch sf ??/??/1956   Leningrad
URS-ch sf ??/??/1956   Kharkov
URS-ch sf ??/??/1956   Frunze
URS training ??/??/1956   Moscow
Montreal-ch k.o. ??/??/1956  Canada Montreal
Montreal m ??/??/1956  Canada Montreal
Alekhine mem ??/??/1956   Moscow
DEN-ch ??/??/1956  Denmark Copenhagen
DDR-ch 07th ??/??/1956   Leipzig
Copenhagen ??/??/1956  Denmark Copenhagen
Candidates Tournament ??/??/1956  Netherlands Amsterdam
CZE-HUN ??/??/1956  Poland Warsaw
CSR-ch sf ??/??/1956   Bratislava
CSR-ch ??/??/1956   Podebrady
CAN-op ??/??/1956  Canada Montreal
Budapest Szikra ??/??/1956  Hungary Budapest
Budapest Alekhine ??/??/1956  Hungary Budapest
Bognor Regis ??/??/1956  United Kingdom Bognor Regis
BOL-ch m ??/??/1956  Bolivia La Paz
BOL-ch ??/??/1956  Bolivia La Paz
Debrecen ??/??/1956  Hungary Debrecen
Dresden ??/??/1956   Dresden
Dublin ??/??/1956  Ireland Dublin
Montevideo ??/??/1956  Uruguay Montevideo
Molotov m ??/??/1956   Molotov
Mar del Plata ??/??/1956  Argentina Mar del Plata
Krynica ??/??/1956  Poland Krynica
Ilford Premier ??/??/1956  United Kingdom Ilford
ITA-ch 18th ??/??/1956  Italy Rovigo
Hoogovens-C ??/??/1956  Netherlands Beverwijk
Hoogovens-B ??/??/1956  Netherlands Beverwijk
Hoogovens ??/??/1956  Netherlands Beverwijk
Havana sim ??/??/1956  Cuba Havana
Hastings Premier Reserves D ??/??/1956  United Kingdom Hastings