Chess Tournaments

Here you can look for chess tournaments by name, date, country and average ELO of the participants.

Tournament name:
Name Date Elo Avg. Country Site
Zuerich m ??/??/1953  Switzerland Zuerich
Montreal m 4th ??/??/1953  Canada Montreal
Montreal m 5th ??/??/1953  Canada Montreal
Moscow Spartak-Iskra ??/??/1953   Moscow
Moscow-ch ??/??/1953   Moscow
Opatija ??/??/1953   Opatija
SWE-ch m ??/??/1953  Sweden Sweden
URS training m ??/??/1953   Moscow
URS-ch sf ??/??/1953   Rostov on Don
URS-ch sf ??/??/1953   Vilnius
URS-chT ??/??/1953   Leningrad
URS-training ??/??/1953   Gagra
Venice ??/??/1953  Italy Venice
Wch U20 final-A ??/??/1953  Denmark Copenhagen
Wch U20 final-B ??/??/1953  Denmark Copenhagen
Wch U20 qual-A ??/??/1953  Denmark Copenhagen
Wch U20 qual-B ??/??/1953  Denmark Copenhagen
YUG-ch ??/??/1953   Zagreb
Montreal clock sim ??/??/1953  Canada Montreal
Montevideo ??/??/1953  Uruguay Montevideo
Milan 2nd ??/??/1953  Italy Milan
CAN-ch ??/??/1953  Canada Winnipeg
Buenos Aires m ??/??/1953  Argentina Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires ch U18 ??/??/1953  Argentina Buenos Aires
Bucharest ??/??/1953  Romania Bucharest
Bariloche ??/??/1953  Argentina Bariloche
AUT-URS m ??/??/1953  Austria Vienna
ARG-ch m ??/??/1953  Argentina Buenos Aires
ARG-ch ??/??/1953  Argentina Buenos Aires
CAN-ch 5' ??/??/1953  Canada Winnipeg
CSR-ch Prague ??/??/1953  Czech Republic Prague
Mar del Plata ??/??/1953  Argentina Mar del Plata
LAT-ch sf ??/??/1953   Soviet Union
LAT-ch ??/??/1953   Soviet Union
Hoogovens ??/??/1953  Netherlands Beverwijk
Glasgow m ??/??/1953  Scotland Glasgow
FRG-AUT m ??/??/1953  Germany Aschaffenburg
DEN-ch ??/??/1953  Denmark Horsens
Copenhagen m ??/??/1953  Denmark Copenhagen
Hastings 5354 12/??/1953  United Kingdom Hastings
Mitropa Cup 12/??/1953  Austria Vienna
POL-ch11 11/??/1953  Poland Krakow
HUN-ch 09th+ 11/21/1953  Hungary Budapest
HUN-ch 09th 11/21/1953  Hungary Budapest
GER-ch 15th 11/08/1953   Leipzig
BRA-ch21 09/??/1953  Brazil Rio de Janeiro
BCF-ch 08/??/1953  United Kingdom Hastings
Candidates Tournament 08/30/1953  Switzerland Zuerich
DDR-ch 04th 08/02/1953   Jena
IRL-ch 07/??/1953  Ireland Galway
ITA-ch16 06/??/1953  Italy Florence
YUG-ITA m 06/??/1953   Bled
OWL-ch playoff 04/??/1953  Germany Bielefeld
OWL-ch 04/??/1953  Germany Soest
EST-ch op 03/??/1953  Estonia Tartu
FRG-ch 02nd 03/30/1953  Germany Berlin West
URS training 01/??/1953   Moscow