Chess Tournaments

Here you can look for chess tournaments by name, date, country and average ELO of the participants.

Tournament name:
Name Date Elo Avg. Country Site
Zuerich exh m ??/??/1946  Switzerland Zuerich
Nottingham-B4 ??/??/1946  United Kingdom Nottingham
Nottingham-B3 ??/??/1946  United Kingdom Nottingham
Nottingham-B2 ??/??/1946  United Kingdom Nottingham
Nottingham-B1 ??/??/1946  United Kingdom Nottingham
New York-ch m ??/??/1946  United States New York
Moscow-ch ??/??/1946   Moscow
Moscow-Prague ??/??/1946   Moscow
Moscow game ??/??/1946   Moscow
Mar del Plata ??/??/1946  Argentina Mar del Plata
Maastricht ??/??/1946  Netherlands Maastricht
San Francisco ARG ??/??/1946  Argentina San Francisco
Santiago ??/??/1946  Chile Santiago
Santiago sim ??/??/1946  Chile Santiago
Zaanstreek ??/??/1946  Netherlands Zaanstreek
Zaandam ??/??/1946  Netherlands Zaandam
YUG-ch ??/??/1946   Zagreb
USA-ch playoff ??/??/1946  United States New York
USA-ch ??/??/1946  United States New York
US op ??/??/1946  United States Pittsburgh
URS-USA ??/??/1946   Moscow
URS m ??/??/1946   Moscow
Treybal mem ??/??/1946  Czech Republic Prague
Stockholm 4647 ??/??/1946  Sweden Stockholm
London-B ??/??/1946  United Kingdom London
London-A ??/??/1946  United Kingdom London
Lisbon ??/??/1946  Portugal Lisbon
Budapest ??/??/1946  Hungary Budapest
Barcelona ??/??/1946  Spain Barcelona
Bad Harzburg ??/??/1946  Germany Bad Harzburg
BCF-ch ??/??/1946  United Kingdom Nottingham
Arbon ??/??/1946  France Arbon
ARM-ch m ??/??/1946   Yerevan
ARM-ch ??/??/1946   Yerevan
ARG-ch m ??/??/1946  Argentina Bahia Blanca
ARG-ch ??/??/1946  Argentina Buenos Aires
ARG-URU radio m ??/??/1946  Argentina Argentina
ARG-ESP radio m ??/??/1946  Argentina corr
CAN m1 ??/??/1946  Canada Canada
CAN m2 ??/??/1946  Canada Canada
Leningrad-Prague ??/??/1946   Leningrad
La Roge ??/??/1946  Argentina Buenos Aires
Hoogovens ??/??/1946  Netherlands Beverwijk
Helsinki ??/??/1946  Finland Helsinki
HUN-ch ??/??/1946  Hungary Budapest
Gyor ??/??/1946  Hungary Gyor
GEO-ch op ??/??/1946  Georgia Tbilisi
France-Swiss ??/??/1946  France France
Estorial m ??/??/1946  Portugal Estorial
ENG-URS radio ??/??/1946   Soviet Union
DEN-ch ??/??/1946  Denmark Nykobing Falster
Hastings 4647 12/??/1946  United Kingdom Hastings
Klaus Junge Memorial 12/26/1946  Germany Regensburg
Leiden-C 10/??/1946  Netherlands Leiden
Leiden-B 10/??/1946  Netherlands Leiden
Leiden-A 10/??/1946  Netherlands Leiden
Staunton mem 08/13/1946  Netherlands Groningen
URS-ch U18 07/??/1946   Leningrad
URS training 07/??/1946   Moscow
POL-ch 07/??/1946  Poland Sopot