Chess Tournaments

Here you can look for chess tournaments by name, date, country and average ELO of the participants.

Tournament name:
Name Date Elo Avg. Country Site
ARG-ch m ??/??/1941  Argentina La Plata
Montevideo ??/??/1941  Uruguay Montevideo
Munich ??/??/1941  Germany Munich
NED m ??/??/1941  Netherlands Netherlands
New York ??/??/1941  United States New York
Prague m ??/??/1941  Czech Republic Prague
Sevilla sim ??/??/1941  Spain Sevilla
St Louis ??/??/1941  United States St Louis
Trencianske Teplice ??/??/1941   Trencianske Teplice
USA m ??/??/1941  United States New York
Ventnor City ??/??/1941  United States Ventnor City
Vitoria exh ??/??/1941  Spain Spain
Warsaw exh ??/??/1941  Poland Warsaw
Mar del Plata ??/??/1941  Argentina Mar del Plata
Malaga sim ??/??/1941  Spain Malaga
Adrogue consult ??/??/1941  Argentina Adrogue
Beverwijk ??/??/1941  Netherlands Beverwijk
Buenos Aires Circulo ??/??/1941  Argentina Buenos Aires
DEN-ch ??/??/1941  Denmark Copenhagen
GER-ch 8th playoff-1pl ??/??/1941  Germany Bromberg
Hamilton ??/??/1941  United States Hamilton
Karlsbad m ??/??/1941  Czech Republic Karlsbad
Krakow/Warsaw ??/??/1941  Poland Krakow/Warsaw
Lisbon exh ??/??/1941  Portugal Lisbon
Lisbon sim ??/??/1941  Portugal Lisbon
Madrid exh ??/??/1941  Spain Madrid
Madrid sim ??/??/1941  Spain Madrid
GER-ch 8th 08/03/1941  Germany Bad Oeynhausen
Baarn 05/??/1941  Netherlands Baarn
Bad Elster 05/??/1941  Germany Bad Elster
Havana simul 04/??/1941  Cuba Havana
URS training 03/??/1941   Moscow
Pinar del Rio simul 03/??/1941  Cuba Pinar del Rio
Absolute Championship 03/23/1941   Leningrad/Moscow