Chess Tournaments

Here you can look for chess tournaments by name, date, country and average ELO of the participants.

Tournament name:
Name Date Elo Avg. Country Site
Winnipeg-Minneapolis m ??/??/1938  Canada Winnipeg
USA-ch prel A ??/??/1938  United States New York
USA-ch m ??/??/1938  United States New York
USA-ch fin-B ??/??/1938  United States Boston
USA-ch fin-A ??/??/1938  United States Boston
USA-ch ??/??/1938  United States New York
URS-ch sf ??/??/1938   Leningrad
URS-ch sf ??/??/1938   Kiev
Trade Unions ??/??/1938   Leningrad
SWE-ch ??/??/1938  Sweden Stockholm
Plymouth ??/??/1938  United Kingdom Plymouth
USA-ch prel B ??/??/1938  United States New York
USA-ch prel C ??/??/1938  United States New York
Winnipeg sim1 ??/??/1938  Canada Winnipeg
Winnipeg sim ??/??/1938  Canada Winnipeg
Winnipeg blind sim ??/??/1938  Canada Winnipeg
Washington cons ??/??/1938  United States Washington
USA-ch prel-VI ??/??/1938  United States Boston
USA-ch prel-V ??/??/1938  United States Boston
USA-ch prel-IV ??/??/1938  United States Boston
USA-ch prel-III ??/??/1938  United States Boston
USA-ch prel-II ??/??/1938  United States Boston
USA-ch prel-I ??/??/1938  United States Boston
Paris L'Echiquier ??/??/1938  France Paris
ARG-ch ??/??/1938  Argentina Argentina
Gothenburg m ??/??/1938  Sweden Gothenburg
EST-chT ??/??/1938  Estonia Tallinn
Dublin sim ??/??/1938  Ireland Dublin
Carrasco ??/??/1938  Argentina Carrasco
Buenos Aires exh ??/??/1938  Argentina Buenos Aires
Berlin Lasker ??/??/1938  Germany Berlin
Baltic-FIN m U26 ??/??/1938  Estonia Tartu
Bad Harzburg ??/??/1938  Germany Bad Harzburg
Bad Elster ??/??/1938  Germany Bad Elster
ARG-ch m ??/??/1938  Argentina Necochea
Karlsruhe 3839 ??/??/1938  Germany Karlsruhe
Krefeld ??/??/1938  Germany Krefeld
Paris ??/??/1938  France Paris
Nice exh ??/??/1938  France Nice
New York sim ??/??/1938  United States New York
New York game ??/??/1938  United States New York
New York Metropolitan tt ??/??/1938  United States New York
New York ??/??/1938  United States New York
Moscow 4m ??/??/1938   Moscow
Margate ??/??/1938  United Kingdom Margate
London sim ??/??/1938  United Kingdom London
Lodz ??/??/1938  Poland Lodz
Ljubljana ??/??/1938  Slovenia Ljubljana
ENG-NED ??/05/1938  United Kingdom London
Hastings 3839 12/??/1938  United Kingdom Hastings
AVRO 11/??/1938  Netherlands Holland
URS training 10/??/1938   Moscow
Santiago de Cuba consultation 09/??/1938  Cuba Santiago de Cuba
EST-FIN 09/??/1938  Estonia Tallinn
FRA-ch 09/02/1938  France Nice
Nice 09/02/1938  France Nice
Nice-B 09/02/1938  France Nice
Nice-A 09/02/1938  France Nice
NED-ch10 07/??/1938  Netherlands Amsterdam
GER-ch 5th 07/24/1938  Germany Bad Oeynhausen