Chess Tournaments

Here you can look for chess tournaments by name, date, country and average ELO of the participants.

Tournament name:
Name Date Elo Avg. Country Site
Warsaw exh ??/??/1935  Poland Warsaw
Paris sim ??/??/1935  France Paris
Paris m ??/??/1935  France Paris
Palma de Mallorca sim ??/??/1935  Spain Palma de Mallorca
Oerebro ??/??/1935  Sweden Oerebro
Mollet ??/??/1935  Spain Mollet
Malmo sim ??/??/1935  Sweden Malmo
Madrid sim ??/??/1935  Spain Madrid
Luzern sim ??/??/1935  Switzerland Luzern
Luhacovice ??/??/1935  Czech Republic Luhacovice
Prague sim ??/??/1935   Prague
Riga sim ??/??/1935  Latvia Riga
Vienna ??/??/1935  Austria Vienna
USA-36.Congress qual-C ??/??/1935  United States Milwaukee
USA-36.Congress qual-B ??/??/1935  United States Milwaukee
USA-36.Congress qual-A ??/??/1935  United States Milwaukee
USA-36.Congress Consolation ??/??/1935  United States Milwaukee
USA-36.Congress Class-A ??/??/1935  United States Milwaukee
Stockholm sim teams ??/??/1935  Sweden Stockholm
Spain sim ??/??/1935  Spain Spain
San Sebastian cons ??/??/1935  Spain San Sebastian
Los Angeles m ??/??/1935  United States Los Angeles
La Coruna sim ??/??/1935  Spain La Coruna
Barcelona sim ??/??/1935  Spain Barcelona
Barcelona ??/??/1935  Spain Barcelona
Bad Nauheim ??/??/1935  Germany Bad Nauheim
Alicante sim ??/??/1935  Spain Alicante
Algiers sim ??/??/1935  Algeria Algiers
Alcoy exh ??/??/1935  Spain Alcoy
Alborg sim ??/??/1935  Denmark Alborg
ARG-ch playoff-1pl ??/??/1935  Argentina Buenos Aires
ARG-ch m ??/??/1935  Argentina Buenos Aires
Budapest m1 ??/??/1935  Hungary Budapest
Budapest m2 ??/??/1935  Hungary Budapest
Buenos Aires ??/??/1935  Argentina Buenos Aires
Kautsky mem 12th ??/??/1935  Czech Republic Prague
Gozo sim ??/??/1935  Hungary Gozo
Gothenburg sim ??/??/1935  Sweden Gothenburg
EST-ch ??/??/1935  Estonia Tallinn
EST m1 ??/??/1935  Estonia Tallinn
EST m ??/??/1935  Estonia Estonia
ESP-ch m ??/??/1935  Spain Zaragoza
Copenhagen sim ??/??/1935  Denmark Copenhagen
Buenos Aires+ ??/??/1935  Argentina Buenos Aires
Barcelona simul 12/??/1935  Spain Barcelona
Hastings 3536 12/??/1935  United Kingdom Hastings
Madrid simul 12/??/1935  Spain Madrid
IRL-ch 11/??/1935  Ireland Dublin
Helsinki 10/??/1935  Finland Helsinki
IRL-ch prelim 10/24/1935  Ireland Dublin
World Championship 16th 10/03/1935  Netherlands Netherlands
Bad Saarow+ 09/21/1935  Germany Bad Saarow
Bad Saarow 09/21/1935  Germany Bad Saarow
GER-SWE m 09/07/1935  Poland Sopot
Lodz 09/03/1935  Poland Lodz
Manchester CC consult 08/??/1935  United Kingdom Manchester
Warsaw ol (Men) 08/16/1935  Poland Warsaw
DSV in der CSR-ch14 08/12/1935   Konstantinsbad
Manchester sim 07/??/1935  United Kingdom Manchester
USA-36.Congress Masters 07/21/1935  United States Milwaukee