Chess Tournaments

Here you can look for chess tournaments by name, date, country and average ELO of the participants.

Tournament name:
Name Date Elo Avg. Country Site
Wiesbaden sim ??/??/1929  Germany Wiesbaden
Paris ??/??/1929  France Paris
Ramsgate-B ??/??/1929  United Kingdom Ramsgate
Rogaska Slatina ??/??/1929   Rogaska Slatina
Rosario ??/??/1929  Argentina Rosario
SWE-ch 9th playoff ??/??/1929  Sweden Gothenburg
San Francisco sim ??/??/1929  United States San Francisco
Scarborough ??/??/1929  United Kingdom Scarborough
St Louis sim ??/??/1929  United States St Louis
URS-ch06 f ??/??/1929   Odessa
URS-ch06 qf1 ??/??/1929   Odessa
URS-ch06 qf2 ??/??/1929   Odessa
URS-ch06 qf3 ??/??/1929   Odessa
URS-ch06 qf4 ??/??/1929   Odessa
URS-ch06 sf1 ??/??/1929   Odessa
URS-ch06 sf2 ??/??/1929   Odessa
New York sim ??/??/1929  United States New York
New York exh ??/??/1929  United States New York
Berlin alternating sim ??/??/1929  Germany Berlin
Boston sim ??/??/1929  United States Boston
Bradley Beach ??/??/1929  United States Bradley Beach
Chicago sim ??/??/1929  United States Chicago
Cincinnati sim ??/??/1929  United States Cincinnatti
DEN-ch ??/??/1929  Denmark Copenhagen
Duisburg-B ??/??/1929  Germany Duisburg
GER exh ??/??/1929  Germany Germany
Glasgow sim ??/??/1929  Scotland Glasgow
ITA-ch 3th playoff ??/??/1929  Italy Firenze
Kautsky mem 6th ??/??/1929  Czech Republic Prague
Leningrad ??/??/1929   Leningrad
Leningrad m ??/??/1929   Leningrad
Los Angeles sim ??/??/1929  United States Los Angeles
Mexico sim ??/??/1929  Mexico Mexico City
Milwaukee sim ??/??/1929  United States Milwaukee
Hastings 2930 12/27/1929  United Kingdom Hastings
Barcelona 09/25/1929  Spain Barcelona
World Championship 14th 09/06/1929  Germany GER/NLD
Budapest 09/01/1929  Hungary Budapest
NED-ch07 07/??/1929  Netherlands Amsterdam
Prague casual 07/??/1929   Prague
Turnov casual 07/??/1929   Turnov
Karlsbad 07/31/1929  Czech Republic Karlsbad
DSB-26.Kongress 07/09/1929  Germany Duisburg
BRA-ch3 m 06/??/1929  Brazil Rio de Janeiro
London simul 04/??/1929  United Kingdom London
Parnu-Viljandi 04/??/1929  Estonia Parnu
Ramsgate schev 03/30/1929  United Kingdom Ramsgate