Chess Tournaments

Here you can look for chess tournaments by name, date, country and average ELO of the participants.

Tournament name:
Name Date Elo Avg. Country Site
Wiesbaden ??/??/1925  Germany Wiesbaden
NED-BEL m ??/??/1925  Netherlands The Hague
NED-ch ??/??/1925  Netherlands Amsterdam
New York Brooklyn CC ??/??/1925  United States New York
New York Metropolitan tt ??/??/1925  United States New York
New York m ??/??/1925  United States New York
New York-ch Intercollegiate ??/??/1925  United States New York
Nordic Telegraf m ??/??/1925  Denmark Scandinavia
Olomouc sim ??/??/1925   Olomouc
Paris ??/??/1925  France Paris
Paris sim ??/??/1925  France Paris
Scarborough fin ??/??/1925  United Kingdom Scarborough
Scarborough-A ??/??/1925  United Kingdom Scarborough
Scarborough-B ??/??/1925  United Kingdom Scarborough
Scarborough-C ??/??/1925  United Kingdom Scarborough
Vevey exh ??/??/1925  France Vevey
NED Cup ??/??/1925  Netherlands Netherlands
Montevideo ??/??/1925  Uruguay Montevideo
Marienbad ??/??/1925   Marienbad
Amsterdam ??/??/1925  Netherlands Amsterdam
BEL m ??/??/1925  Belgium Belgium
Baden-Baden ??/??/1925  Germany Baden-Baden
Basel sim ??/??/1925  Switzerland Basel
Bern ??/??/1925  Switzerland Bern
Bratislava-A ??/??/1925  Czech Republic Bratislava
Bratislava-B ??/??/1925  Czech Republic Bratislava
Bratislava-C ??/??/1925  Czech Republic Bratislava
Budapest free game ??/??/1925  Hungary Budapest
Los Angeles ??/??/1925  United States Los Angeles
Kautsky mem 2nd ??/??/1925  Czech Republic Prague
Geneve sim ??/??/1925  Switzerland Geneve
GER Tour sim ??/??/1925  Germany Germany
Debrecen ??/??/1925  Hungary Debrecen
DEN-ch ??/??/1925  Denmark Aarhus
CSR tour sim ??/??/1925   Czechoslovakia
Hastings 2526 12/??/1925  United Kingdom Hastings
Berlin simul 12/??/1925  Germany Berlin
Venice m 2526 12/??/1925  Italy Venice
Leningrad sim 11/??/1925   Leningrad
Moscow 11/10/1925   Moscow
Moscow simul 10/??/1925  Russian Federation Moscow
Berlin casual 10/??/1925  Germany Berlin
IRL-ch 09/??/1925  Ireland Dublin
URS-ch04 08/11/1925   Leningrad
DSB-24.Kongress 07/19/1925  Germany Breslau
Berlin/Budapest/Prag/Vienna 05/30/1925  Austria Berlin
Vienna 05/16/1925  Austria Vienna
Bromley Premier-B 04/??/1925  United Kingdom Bromley
Bromley Premier-A 04/??/1925  United Kingdom Bromley
Bromley prel C 04/11/1925  United Kingdom Bromley
Bromley prel B 04/11/1925  United Kingdom Bromley
Bromley prel A 04/11/1925  United Kingdom Bromley
Bromley prel D 04/11/1925  United Kingdom Bromley