Chess Tournaments

Here you can look for chess tournaments by name, date, country and average ELO of the participants.

Tournament name:
Name Date Elo Avg. Country Site
Vienna ??/??/1923  Austria Vienna
Portsmouth ??/??/1923  United Kingdom Portsmouth
Paris m ??/??/1923  France Paris
Pardubice ??/??/1923   Pardubice
New York sim ??/??/1923  United States New York
New York m ??/??/1923  United States New York
New York Metropolitan tt ??/??/1923  United States New York
New York Brooklyn CC Minor ??/??/1923  United States New York
Moscow m ??/??/1923   Moscow
Montreal sim ??/??/1923  Canada Montreal
Prague sim ??/??/1923   Prague
Rotterdam cons ??/??/1923  Netherlands Rotterdam
Rotterdam sim ??/??/1923  Netherlands Rotterdam
USA-ch m ??/??/1923  United States USA
USA ??/??/1923  United States USA
Turin exh ??/??/1923  Italy Turin
Trieste-chB+ ??/??/1923  Italy Trieste
Trieste-chB playoff ??/??/1923  Italy Trieste
Trieste-chB ??/??/1923  Italy Trieste
Trieste-ch ??/??/1923  Italy Trieste
Trieste ??/??/1923  Italy Trieste
Scheveningen ??/??/1923  Netherlands Scheveningen
Milan sim ??/??/1923  Italy Milan
Margate ??/??/1923  United Kingdom Margate
Madrid sim ??/??/1923  Spain Madrid
Antwerp cons ??/??/1923  Belgium Antwerp
Amsterdam1 ??/??/1923  Netherlands Amsterdam
Amsterdam m7 ??/??/1923  Netherlands Amsterdam
Amsterdam m6 ??/??/1923  Netherlands Amsterdam
Amsterdam m5 ??/??/1923  Netherlands Amsterdam
Amsterdam m4 ??/??/1923  Netherlands Amsterdam
Amsterdam m3 ??/??/1923  Netherlands Amsterdam
Amsterdam m2 ??/??/1923  Netherlands Amsterdam
Amsterdam m1 ??/??/1923  Netherlands Amsterdam
Amsterdam ??/??/1923  Netherlands Amsterdam
Berlin ??/??/1923  Germany Berlin
Boston sim ??/??/1923  United States Boston
Leeds sim ??/??/1923  United Kingdom Leeds
Kosice sim ??/??/1923   Kosice
ITA-ch playoff 2nd ??/??/1923  Italy Napoli
Hull cons ??/??/1923  United Kingdom Hull
Helsingborg sim ??/??/1923  Sweden Helsingborg
Greenock sim ??/??/1923  Scotland Greenock
GB tour sim ??/??/1923  United Kingdom Great Britain
FRA tour sim ??/??/1923  France France
DEN-ch ??/??/1923  Denmark Copenhagen
Copenhagen ??/??/1923  Denmark Copenhagen
Hastings 2324 12/??/1923  United Kingdom Hastings
DSB-23.Kongress 07/30/1923  Germany Frankfurt
URS-ch02 07/08/1923   Petrograd
Maehrisch Ostrau 07/01/1923   Maehrisch Ostrau
Karlsbad 04/??/1923   Karlsbad
Liverpool 03/31/1923  United Kingdom Liverpool
Kolding m 01/??/1923  Denmark Kolding