Chess Tournaments

Here you can look for chess tournaments by name, date, country and average ELO of the participants.

Tournament name:
Name Date Elo Avg. Country Site
St Petersburg Q ??/??/1913  Russian Federation St Petersburg
New York m ??/??/1913  United States New York
Paris ??/??/1913  France Paris
Paris mt ??/??/1913  France Paris
Paris sim ??/??/1913  France Paris
Philadelphia-Manhattan ??/??/1913  United States USA
Prague sim ??/??/1913  Czech Republic Prague
Riga ??/??/1913  Latvia Riga
St Petersburg exhibition ??/??/1913  Russian Federation St Petersburg
St Petersburg m ??/??/1913  Russian Federation St Petersburg
St Petersburg2 ??/??/1913  Russian Federation St Petersburg
Tarrasch-Stockholm SS consult ??/??/1913  Sweden Stockholm
Tarrasch-Ystad SK consult ??/??/1913  Sweden Skivarp
Vienna m ??/??/1913  Austria Vienna
New York Progressive ??/??/1913  United States New York
NZL-ch playoff ??/??/1913  New Zealand Nelson
NZL-ch ??/??/1913  New Zealand Nelson
Berlin-Prague ??/??/1913  Germany Berlin
Bologna ??/??/1913  Italy Bologna
Budapest ??/??/1913  Hungary Budapest
CAN-ch ??/??/1913  Canada Winnipeg
CAN-ch playoff ??/??/1913  Canada Winnipeg
Ceska Trebova ??/??/1913  Czech Republic Ceska Trebova
Eskilstuna simul ??/??/1913  Sweden Eskilstuna
GER Tour sim ??/??/1913  Germany Germany
Berlin exh ??/??/1913  Germany Berlin
Moscow cons ??/??/1913  Russian Federation Moscow
Mlada Boleslav-B ??/??/1913  Czech Republic Mlada Boleslav
Mlada Boleslav ??/??/1913   Mlada Boleslav
London sim ??/??/1913  United Kingdom London
Hamburg Beratungspartie ??/??/1913  Germany Hamburg
Riga Club casual 11/??/1913  Germany Berlin
Lodz consultation 11/??/1913  Poland Lodz
Warsaw simul 11/??/1913  Poland Warsaw
Neuilly-sur-Seine simul 10/??/1913  France Neuilly-sur-Seine
London simul 10/??/1913  United Kingdom London
London casual 10/??/1913  United Kingdom London
Paris casual 10/??/1913  France Paris
Paris consultation 10/??/1913  France Paris
Havana simul 09/??/1913  Cuba Havana
Havana2 09/07/1913  Cuba Havana
Scheveningen 08/??/1913  Netherlands Scheveningen
Scheveningen off hand 08/??/1913  Netherlands Scheveningen
AUS-ch m 08/06/1913  Australia Bellingen
IRL-ch 08/04/1913  Ireland Dublin
New York consultation 07/??/1913  United States New York
Debrecen-C 07/??/1913  Hungary Debrecen
Debrecen-B 07/??/1913  Hungary Debrecen
Amsterdam m 07/??/1913  Netherlands Amsterdam
Debrecen 07/07/1913  Hungary Debrecen
Debrecen-A 07/07/1913  Hungary Debrecen
New York Rice 07/02/1913  United States New York
St Petersburg 04/??/1913  Russian Federation St Petersburg
Havana 02/15/1913  Cuba Havana
IRL-ch prelim 02/10/1913  Ireland Dublin
Kazan sim 01/??/1913   Kazan
New York National 01/19/1913  United States New York