Chess Tournaments

Here you can look for chess tournaments by name, date, country and average ELO of the participants.

Tournament name:
Name Date Elo Avg. Country Site
Washington DC m ??/??/1899  United States Washington DC
New York m3 ??/??/1899  United States New York
New York m2 ??/??/1899  United States New York
New York m1 ??/??/1899  United States New York
New York exh ??/??/1899  United States New York
New York Manhattan CC-ch ??/??/1899  United States New York
New York Crescent Athletic Club-ch ??/??/1899  United States New York
Nebraska-ch ??/??/1899  United States Dannebrog
Moscow sim2 ??/??/1899  Russian Federation Moscow
New York m4 ??/??/1899  United States New York
New York sim ??/??/1899  United States New York
Warsaw ??/??/1899  Poland Warsaw
Vienna game ??/??/1899  Austria Vienna
Saratoga NYSCA tt ??/??/1899  United States Saratoga
Saratoga NYSCA m ??/??/1899  United States Saratoga
SCO-ch ??/??/1899  Scotland Scotland
Rochester cons ??/??/1899  United Kingdom Rochester
Philadelphia tt ??/??/1899  United States Philadelphia
Nordic Congress 2nd ??/??/1899  Denmark Copenhagen
Moscow sim ??/??/1899  Russian Federation Moscow
Moscow cons ??/??/1899  Russian Federation Moscow
Brooklyn m 3rd ??/??/1899  United States Brooklyn
Brooklyn CC-Cosmopolitan CC ??/??/1899  United States Brooklyn
Boston-Chicago cable ??/??/1899  United States USA
Australia ??/??/1899  Australia Australia
Augsburg ??/??/1899  Germany Augsburg
Amsterdam cons ??/??/1899  Netherlands Amsterdam
Amsterdam ??/??/1899  Netherlands Amsterdam
ENG-USA cable m ??/??/1899  United Kingdom England
Capetown ??/??/1899  South Africa Capetown
Chicago m ??/??/1899  United States Chicago
Copenhagen+ ??/??/1899  Denmark Copenhagen
Moscow ??/??/1899  Russian Federation Moscow
Mississippi-ch ??/??/1899  United States Jackson
London-B ??/??/1899  United Kingdom London
London game ??/??/1899  United Kingdom London
London CC ??/??/1899  United Kingdom London
London ??/??/1899  United Kingdom London
Llandudno ??/??/1899  United Kingdom Llandudno
Illinois-ch ??/??/1899  United States USA
Kolisch mem 9900 12/??/1899  Austria Vienna