Name: J. Moquette
Years: 1899 - 1899
Total Games: 15
Wins: 4 (26.67 %)
Draws: 3 (20 %)
Losses: 8 (53.33 %)
Score: 36.67 %

J. Moquette

Last tournaments played

Tournament Date Elo Avg. Country
Amsterdam ??/??/1899 0  Netherlands

J. Moquette Repertoire with White pieces (most played)

ECO Opening Games
C67 Ruy Lopez, Berlin defence, open variation 1 games
C42 Petrov's defence 1 games
C39 King's Gambit Accepted 1 games
C62 Ruy Lopez, old Steinitz defence 1 games

J. Moquette Repertoire with Black pieces (most played)

ECO Opening Games
C02 French, advance variation 1 games
D05 Queen's pawn game 1 games
D60 Queen's Gambit Declined, Orthodox defence 1 games
C84 Ruy Lopez, closed defence 1 games

Games played by J. Moquette

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