Name: Hermogen Ramirez
Federation:  United States
Sex:  Male
Born: 1954
 FIDE ID: 2014033 FIDE Profile
ELO Classic: 2121
Years: 1972 - 2002
Total Games: 16
Wins: 5 (31.25 %)
Draws: 4 (25 %)
Losses: 7 (43.75 %)
Score: 43.75 %

Hermogen Ramirez

Last tournaments played

Tournament Date Elo Avg. Country
Carlos Torre mem 15th 12/13/2002 1941  Mexico
Lone Pine op 03/??/1972 272  United States

Hermogen Ramirez Repertoire with White pieces (most played)

ECO Opening Games
E86 King's Indian, Saemisch, orthodox, 7.Nge2 c6 2 games
C92 Ruy Lopez, closed, 9.h3 1 games
B31 Sicilian, Nimzovich-Rossolimo attack (with ...g6, without ...d6) 1 games
B33 Sicilian defence 1 games

Hermogen Ramirez Repertoire with Black pieces (most played)

ECO Opening Games
A15 English, 1...Nf6 (Anglo-Indian defense) 1 games
A45 Queen's pawn game 1 games
E60 King's Indian defence 1 games
D44 Queen's Gambit Declined semi-Slav, 5.Bg5 dc 1 games

Games played by Hermogen Ramirez

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