Name: C. Catalin
Years: 1993 - 1993
Total Games: 8
Wins: 0 (0 %)
Draws: 2 (25 %)
Losses: 6 (75 %)
Score: 12.5 %

C. Catalin

Last tournaments played

Tournament Date Elo Avg. Country
Bratislava op ??/??/1993 1183  Slovakia

C. Catalin Repertoire with White pieces (most played)

ECO Opening Games
E62 King's Indian, fianchetto variation 1 games
C43 Petrov, modern (Steinitz) attack 1 games
E67 King's Indian, fianchetto with ...Nd7 1 games
D46 Queen's Gambit Declined semi-Slav, 6.Bd3 1 games

C. Catalin Repertoire with Black pieces (most played)

ECO Opening Games
E76 King's Indian, Four pawns attack 1 games
E32 Nimzo-Indian, classical variation 1 games
E61 King's Indian defence, 3.Nc3 1 games
C47 Four knights, Scotch variation 1 games

Games played by C. Catalin

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