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Chess Links

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NM Dan Heisman
NM Dan Heisman, full-time chess instructor, author of 10 books, ICC videos, and the Novice Nook column at Chess Café. - The first web chess portal 2.0
www.yourchess.netportalindex.php, The first web chess portal 2.0. Feed, RSS, blog, news, podcast, play online, video, pictures and other that you want from your chess world.

Lechenicher SchachServer
Play online at Lechenicher SchachServer

Streatham & Brixton Chess Club

Scacchistica Partenopea
Scacchistica Partenopea chess club of Naples in Italy

Lugano Scacchi
Circolo scacchistico luganese 1917

My Chess Games
latest chess news in the Philippines and around the world.

Chess Elo
Explanation of the Elo rating system, chess puzzles and links.

Chess books buying or selling
a site for chess lovers who are interested to buy or sell second-hand and old chess books

Chess Quotes
A collection of wisdom and interest from world champions, grandmasters, theorists and prominent chess personalities.